EUTOS Score Calculator      
      Points   1. Sum the points for each risk factor
Spleen size (cm below costal margin)*
(7 x basophil [%]) + (4 x spleen [cm]). 
Peripheral blood basophils (% of leukocytes)*
          2. Assign risk category and determine prognosis
Hasford score     low-risk (score < 87)
Hasford risk group   high-risk (score ≥ 87)
Hasford J, Baccarani M, Hoffmann V, Guilhot J, Saussele S, Rosti G et al. Predicting complete cytogenetic response and subsequent progression-free survival in 2060 patients with CML on imatinib treatment: the EUTOS score. Blood 2011; 118: 686-92.