MGUS prognosis                      
          Risk stratification of monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance
  Value Points     1. Assess patient for each of three risk factors        
serum free light chain ratio (SFLC)
Abnormal serum free light chain ratio (SFLC)
Serum M protein (g/L)
Serum M protein ≥ 15 g/L
M protein of IgG subtype
M protein not of IgG subtype
          2. Sum the number of risk factors to determine risk category and prognosis      
Sum of score       Number of factors Risk cate­gory 20 year pro­gression risk (%) 20 year pro­gression risk ac­counti­ng for death as com­peting factor (%)      
Risk category     0 Low 5 2      
1 Low-inter­mediate 21 10
2 High-inter­mediate 37 18
3 High 58 27